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On The Edge

Like that carefully balanced pencil against a marble.

Like that paper kept under the fan in motion.

Like that old leaf clinging on to the branch.

Like that forced breath before breathing the last.

Like that acrobat walking the tightrope.

Living like that.

Yeah, pretty much on the edge.

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Reading old texts and emails,


and realizing,

it doesn’t happen anymore.

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Promise Has A Name

He has a pattern.

He has a routine.

Or, had. Last few days were the witness.

On the breakfast table, he saw her favorite post-it placed right next to his bowl of cereals. There was a message.

Post itHe noticed another post-it on the table. A blank one. He remembered the promise he’d made to her. Of being truthful. That’s what she was asking for.

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Do I look alright?

This one had to be a female bird. Look at the zeal with which she is admiring herself itself in the mirror!

And someone's been shot...


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The Girl Who Loved Her Braces

Never thought I’d say this but I love(d) my dental braces!   ssad_100-107

Not that they’ve been removed but the process has started. A month shy from having them removed and am already missing them. Hence I’ve used the word ‘love(d)’   ssad_100-113

Got my lower retainers today. Barely one hour has passed and I am hating them (already). sangry_banghead_100-101


  • All the food restrictions still remain. No biting of food allowed. Hence (still) no pizzas, burgers, or anything that one needs to bite into. In short, no fun food  s_shocked-11
  • Retainers are going to stay for (a minimum of) 2 years. Beat this! sangry_hothead_100-102
  • Apart from the fixed retainers, I’ll be required to use removable retainers too. Someone go and tell my dentist- they are teeth and not baby bunnies who’d runaway!! sangry_big_red_100-103
  • Use floss. Super floss. Every single day. I am so scared of that thread. sbiting_nail-biting_100-102I feel it can cut your skin. Just like that! I made so much noise about it that my dentist also prescribed those mini flossers (the ones that are meant for kids) sfi_fencing 
  • Spend 15-20 minutes in brushing and flossing every day. (Dear Dentist, I have no other work left in my life. Thank you for giving me a part time job. Sincerely, Me.)  sangry_breakdishes_100-100

So all the happiness of having my braces removed flew outta window the second I heard the above sermon. ssad_100-103

Of course now I am busy being sad. No I cannot see any bright side to this.   sbiting_sign_biteme_100-100

I’ll (always) be the girl who loved her braces…  ssc_hidingsofa

P.S. I’ll always hate my dentist. sangry_fist_100-104

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All thunder and no rain?

Angry and don’t vent out?

You don’t vent out because you think you’ll end up hurting someone.

Probably that someone is the one responsible for your anger.

You think like this you (can) show you care.

Well you’re highly mistaken then. 😛

This is the worst form of hurting someone. And this someone is usually the innocent one. That innocent mortal who probably really cares for you- and of course you would’ve failed to notice (for the dumbass you are) 😐

Owing to your stifled emotions (or rage) you’ll end up pouring out your annoyance (or frustration) (or anger) (or whatever!) on someone who’s not even remotely responsible for your miserable state.

So how about trying to place your anger correctly (from next time) rather than getting entangled in displaced anger and screwing up things? 😎

Seethe. But do it right.